Known (update 2)


Known | Oil on Canvas | 48″ x 30″
Work in Progress

I’m slowly creeping up on this image. Building up very thin skeins of paint with soft small brushes. Although it’s a way of building a painting that is as old as the hills, it feels very strange to me. It runs counter to notions I internalized at art school that assumes a painting should declare itself as such by the energetic and very visible application of paint, with or without brushes. This is definitely not that! but it is, to my surprise, still a painting…

Known, Unknown (start)

Known| Oil on Canvas | 48″ x 30″

UnKnown| Oil on Canvas | 48″ x 30″

Work in Progress

The start of two new paintings for CONTEXT Art Miami in December. After the forest of paintings that surrounded me while I was preparing for the shows with Eton Shirts, it’s lovely to be working in an empty studio on just two paintings. Calming. This is a first thin layer that just establishes the composition and drawing. The plan is to wash thin layers over these in a slow leisurely manner.

Sleep Of Reason | London

The final launch event took place at Eton’s flagship shop on South Molten St in Mayfair. A different type of venue again and a different set of work. The deep heavy frames of the paintings looked great in against the heavy black fittings in the shop. You might have thought that we’d planned it!

Sleep Of Reason |Stockholm

The collaboration with Eton Shirts kicked off in Stockholm. I was delighted by the hang and the shirts, designed by Etons creative director Sebastian Dollinger, looked and felt great. There was champagne too and  lots of people.  Happily they greeted the work enthusiastically so I was especially happy. A great night. Here are some photos of the event