Bouquet | Oil on Canvas | 36″ x 24″

Just in case it wasn’t clear enough what to look at, I painted an oval mount to concentrate attention and add to the theatre.

The Redesign of the Global Financial Architecture: Book Cover


I was recently asked to do a book cover for the economist Stuart Mackintosh’s new book. It suggests that there has been a paradigm shift in global financial regulation since the crisis of 2008. The book develops the argument through a series of interviews with the main players at the G20 summits that followed. I was more than happy to do it. The image that was finally picked was done with half an eye on Rembrandt’s’ “Anatomy lesson”.
This is the image with the typography added. Very interesting to see how words change the image.

From the collages

I started into a painting from one of the collages. I won’t be looking to replicate them (although here the drawing is quite close to the source) But I am curious to see how they develop, or can be developed in the painting. More today. We’ll see